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30. März 2015
von Tom Levold
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Talking Photography With Elliott Erwitt –

“Whenever I have a talk or something and someone always asks how do I get into the racket? My advice is to do it as a hobby, and maybe you can progress from there, but don’t do it for a living,” he said.“The chances you succeed are…” It’s at this point he is interrupted by a cuckoo clock striking the hour. We laugh. “A gift from my daughter.”“Are very slight.” He finishes. “Personalities, celebrities, you can’t go wrong. Take the lousiest pix in the world, you cannot go wrong. Maybe that’s the advice … next time somebody asks me. Take pix of nobody but celebrities. They don’t have to be good. They just have to get it in the center. And enough room for cropping.”Either that, or be reincarnated as a monkey.

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